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2021 Individual Session Pricing

2021 Individual Session Pricing

Outdoor Sessions Available April – October at Scott Lake Golf and Practice Center. Indoor Studio Sessions complete with Trackman Ball Flight available November-March



$1000 with Patti Butcher
Wherever you are in your golf journey, whether it is breaking 100, 90, 80 or par, significant improvement requires a commitment from both the player and the coach. PBGE professionals believe it is important to match your effort and enthusiasm. By developing an improvement strategy, we can set up metrics to measure your progress, develop individual practice plans, analyze actual round performance, and provide feedback and adjustments. Additionally, we know golf is a complex game requiring many different skills, shots, mental game tactics, course management, and short game strategies. The professionals of PBGE are broadly trained. While highly skilled in teaching the mechanics of the swing, we also embrace the concept that the whole game encompasses the whole person…and must be coached from that perspective.

FIVE SESSION PACKAGE-including on course instruction

PBGE professionals believe that most golf instruction is overly disconnected from the real reason players come for help…..to play better golf and to enjoy the game more. Our lesson series includes on course instruction at either the beginning of our time together for the seasoned golfer (to accurately assess where the greatest opportunity for improvement lies so together we can plan for the remaining three hours) or at the end of our sessions to help the less experienced golfers transfer their newly honed skills onto the golf course.


$110 single plus $10 each additional player with Patti Butcher
During this traditional one-hour lesson format, a student can expect to receive technique improvement for any part of his/her game, utilizing video for both correction as well as drill/practice recommendations sent to the student for future referencing. PBGE professionals believe in student-centered instruction, with focused goals defined by you, considering your unique style and body type, matching your schedule and desired outcome, and delivered in your learning style.