Cardiogolf is a golf-fitness program designed to teach the mechanics of the golf swing without hitting a ball.

Cardiogolf golf-specific workout routines combine swing drills and general and functional exercises. Some of the exercises will require a golf club, small hand weights, stretch bands or medicine balls, and all the exercises can be modified. In a Cardiogolf workout, you will learn golf-specific warm ups, exercises for strength, flexibility and endurance, swing drills for more power and speed and fixes for swing faults.

It accommodates every golfer regardless of gender, age and skill level or fitness level. Cardiogolf is a unique ‘holistic’ approach to improving your golf game. You know you need to exercise for better health, so why not work at your golf game at the same time?

A few years ago, Karen Palacios- Jansen developed a golf fitness system called Cardiogolf. It is a program to help people develop strength and flexibility specific to golf. It is a program to guide to help you improve your swing technique and body motion. We all know we need to exercise for better health, so why not work on your golf game while you exercise: kill two birds with one stone.

The program is designed for all skill levels including those that have never played the game. The program will accelerate current players and provide a unique way to enter the game for new players.

You can make dramatic changes to your game no matter what shape your body is in or no matter what level of player you are. Whether you are a low-handicap player that plays in high- level competitions or a weekend golfer with a wicked slice, Cardiogolf can always help improve your level of play.

CARDIOGOLF is a fun, fast moving workout to not only improve your swing technique, but to help you improve in these core fitness areas:

Cardiovascular Endurance

The body’s capacity to process and deliver oxygen


The ability of the body to move throughout its full range of motion.


The ability to maximize ground force through a combination of muscular movements.


The ability to maximize the range of motion throughout the golf swing.

Power / Strength

The body’s ability to load and fire explosively.

Cardio Golf Class Details

Classes are taught by Britni Gielow, certified Cardiogolf Trainer and LPGA Teaching Professional. Personal sessions and group classes are available. Contact Britni at or 231-670-1815 for more information.

  • Available for golf and non-golf members.
  • For men and women.
  • Maximum of 8 people per class, first come first served.
  • Wear sneakers and fitness clothes.
  • No need to bring clubs, we provide all equipment.
  • Energy output equivalent to jogging 3 miles.

CardioGolf Class Summary

  1.  Pre-workout Instruction: Welcome, Disclaimer, and Safety
  2.  Swing Fundamentals: Basic Instruction for beginners and anyone that wants to review swing mechanics
  3.  Pre-Round Warm Up Routine: Dynamic Movements, rhythmic limbering and gentle static stretching
  4.  Strength/Stability/Total Body Conditioning: Resistance training using equipment including stretch bands, hand weights, exercise balls, and step platform
  5.  Groove your swing: using swing drill to master wrist, arm, shoulder, and clubface positions. Mastering weight shift and sequence of motion. Blending the arms and body; perfecting swing plan and path of the swing/increasing clubhead speed for more power and distance.
  6.  Cool Down and Stretch: Easy Rhythmic movements to bring heart rate down and gentle stretches for all major golf muscles.