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Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with The Safely Swing Golf Studio for the season ending the first week of April.

  1. Take a private lesson with me-no membership fee required, $150 for fifty minutes and get 30 min of practice time for use between lessons.
  2. Join the Safely Swing Golf Studio for $300 Individual, $450 family/pod and schedule two 30-minute or one 60-minute session per week included with your membership fee. You may purchase additional time as available for $20 per session. If restrictions loosen and there can safely be more players in the space (after Jan 1), additional time will be available at no extra charge. Membership runs from Nov 23-first week of April.
    Additionally, members receive 20 % off private lesson fees.
  3. Pre-purchase $1500 of PBGE credit for lessons and playing and get your individual membership fee waived. This credit must be used prior to April 15, 2021.
  4. Personal Training Program for your game which combines a single membership and three hours of instruction with Patti Butcher for $575.